Monday, March 20, 2006

Tuesday's with Wanda

An old enemy of mine came visiting this past week. She comes around every now and then. I never know when she'll show up on my doorstep. One morning I'll wake up and there she is. Sitting beside my bed, daring me to just try and get up. She's holds me down, pressing in on me with all her negativity, all her pessimism. "No one cares what you do," she says. "Do you really think they even care if you get out of this bed?" she asks. "Why don't you just stay here, where it's warm. Where you don't have to face the world and all its misery?" She'll caress me with words of doom and gloom. By the time she leaves, all the hard work I've done, all I've accomplished is gone. I imagine her skipping out my door laughing, saying to herself, "My work here is done, on to other fools who'll listen and obey..."
It's been tough these past few days. She's worked overtime, pushing, pulling, using all her powers of persuasion. I still feel her lurking somewhere in the background of my mind. Angry, because she's still here. Because her plan isn't going as easy as she assumed it would. She doesn't know what to think of this Wanda. I imagine her asking herself, "Who the heck is this crazy woman?" "Where is my weak, spineless, whiney, wimpy Wanda?"
I'm counting on her giving up soon. Realizing this is just more work than she's got time for. After all there are other people she has to see. Other minds to wreak havoc with. Other lives to disrupt. I feel sorry for them, but I won't be sorry to see her go. Those of you who know her, beware, she's going to be in one nasty mood when she leaves my house. Somebody's gonna pay. I'm sorry friends, but this time, it's not gonna be me. This time I'm going to win.
Lady Depression won't break me.

On a lighter note, Brenda's new look has inspired me to do a bit of freshening up. Go check her out, it looks so pretty over at her place. Thanks Bren!


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