Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Profiles in Courage

The Purpose Driven Life

"The brightest light has gone out. We will forever celebrate her loving spirit."--Robin Williams

"She showed us all the true power of love. (She was) an unflinching optimist, who never let anything get her down, and if she did she never showed us."--Jane Seymour

"Despite the adversity that she faced, Dana bravely met these challenges and was always an extremely devoted wife, mother and advocate."--Bill Clinton

Dana Reeve announced she had lung cancer in August 2005, less than two years after the 2004 death of her husband, an actor paralyzed in a 1995 horse-riding accident. I remember that day.
I remember her saying, "Just when you think your about to reach the end of the tunnel, when you think you can finally see the light, life deals you yet another blow. I gave up long ago thinking life was fair. It's not."
I also remember an interview where Christopher shared what Dana had said to him after his accident. "You're still you, and I love you. And, we'll get through this. I'll stick with you no matter what and that, you know, we can do this. And I believe you can do it. And we'll just figure out a way to live a life."

To me these two things speak so clearly of who and what Dana Reeve was. She was a woman of courage, strength and purpose. A woman worthy of the respect and admiration of those of us who were witnesses to a life well lived.
The light that shines in this old world is a bit dimmer today. She was only on loan to us. I know they must be rejoicing in heaven. She and Chris are side by side. As it was meant to be.

At last you have slipped the surly bonds of earth
And now you, and sweet Christopher too, dance the skies on laughter-silvered wings;
Godspeed dear Dana!


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