Thursday, March 23, 2006

Losing Ground

I suppose I should say losing pounds.
I have lost a few.
Although reading posts like the one by Mary Lou doesn't help(really Mary Lou, cream cheese frosting and graham crackers!).
Now I'm not going to tell you how many pounds have gone searching for a new butt to attach themselves too (don't blame me Mary Lou if they come knocking on YOUR door). I will tell you there are two fewer inches on me bum, and three inches off the waist. Sadly there are also 3 1/2 inches off the girls. I'm down two sizes in my jeans. And even the smaller size is getting kinda loose. I've been washing them in hot water hoping they'll shrink. Either it's not working or I'm shrinking right along with em.
I've been indulging in bubble baths more often of late. You know I never realized how many cool bath products there are out there. Sometimes I go to bed smelling so good it makes me want eat me (oh come on, get your minds out of the gutter!). Did you know there's this awesome shower gel that gives your skin this delightful glow? Man I just love this stuff.
All in all I'm feeling pretty good these days. Which might be why that bitch Lady Depression didn't have any luck with me. She better get used to it.

The real test comes next week. Springbreak officially starts today. Zachary will be here next week. If he doesn't drive me to drinking eating, I may be on my way to success. On top of that Robert will be returning from his monthy sojourn to the upcountry.
Something tells me I'm gonna need 10,000 angels to get me through the next week.


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