Thursday, February 09, 2006

Old Country Speaks Out

Why don't we liberate these United States,
We're the ones that need it worst.
Let the rest of the world help us for a change,
And let's rebuild America first.

Our highways an' bridges are fallin' apart:
Who's blessed an' who has been cursed?
There's things to be done all over the world,
But let's rebuild America first.

Who's on the Hill and who's watchin' the valley?
An' who's in charge of it all?
God bless the army an' God bless our liberty,
And back dump the rest of it all.

Yeah, men in position are backin' away:
Freedom is stuck in reverse.
Let's get out of Iraq an' get back on the track,
And let's rebuild America first.

Why don't we liberate these United States,
We're the ones who need it the most.
You think I'm blowin smoke?
Boys it ain't no joke.
I make twenty trips a year from coast to coast.
It's time we rebuild America first!

I heard this song for the first time last night. Saw the video as well. The song was writen and performed by none other than country music great, Merle Haggard. There are more than a few veterans in the video.
Country music artists have long been know as strong Christian conservative people. When you see a hard line country boy like Merle Haggered standing up and saying we need a change of direction in this country, you know it's time to take a long hard look at where we are and what we're doing. More important, where we're headed.
Like Merle I think it's high time we put AMERICA FIRST!!


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