Saturday, January 21, 2006

Saturday Scruples

1.) You're interviewing candidates for a job. The best qualified applicant is overweight. Do you hire this person?

Of course!
Why wouldn't I?
Well, there are people who would say no. Not just because overweight people are sometimes unattractive (which can BE important in the workplace), but because of the health issues that often accompany people with weight problems. In all fairness I'd give the same pause for consideration to people who smoke, or appear to drink excessively.

2.) A loved one is in a car accident and is dying. You're asked to donate his organs for a transplant. Do you?(note: you don't know the persons wishes.)

I want to be the better person and say "of course", but, this would be especially hard for me. I'd have to think on it for a while. In the end I suppose I would.

3.) Your adolescent children ask if you ever smoked marijuana when you were young. You did. Do you admit it?

Of course I would. How else could they understand I know what I'm talking about?

4.) At a bookstore cafe, you're reading a new hardcover book with no intention of buying it. You accidentally spill coffee on it. Do you buy the book?


5.) You're feeling "under the weather." If you phone in sick, a colleague will have to do twice the work. Do you go to work?

How 'sick' am I? If I'm merely having a bad day or feeling a bit queasy, no, I'd take myself to work and do MY job. Now, if I'm tossing my cookies, have a fever (over 101.0), have the flu, or something contagious, then yes, I'd stay home. I'd be no help and probably a hinderance as well.

Your turn.


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