Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Interupted Honeymoon

You know what I am sick of hearing about? This damned Cruise Ship Mystery. Every where I look I keep seeing this in the news. Why is this news? It's like the whole Aruba thing. Get a grip people, crap happens. Especially when your careless and associate with people of questionable character. This might be remotely interesting for a week, maybe even two, but the shelf life is way past the 'sell by' date at this stage. Every news journalist on cable news has talked this to death (okay bad choice of words). Bill O'Reilly, Joe Scarborough, Larry King, Nancy Grace, ect. You name em and they've done one or MORE segments on it. So, I have some questions.
First, why are we they still obsessing over this? Two, why was this couple who were suppose to be on their honeymoon hanging out with a bunch of hoodlums? Three, and what I think is the MOST unask and important question of all, where the heck was this guys wife when he was being beat up and tossed overboard (or falling overboard depending on which story you believe). It was their HONEYMOON. Why was she found passed out three doors down, taken to the room tossed on the bed (which by the way supposedly had blood stained sheets) and left. Then several hours later she gets up puts on her make-up and goes to a spa appointment! Meanwhile her brand new husband is MISSING. Excuse me, WHY isn't anyone asking this woman what the hell is up with that? Am I the ONLY one who finds her behavior suspicious? Why isn't anyone looking at her? Because let me tell you , if I was on my honeymoon I'd know where that man was every freaking nano-second. Come night time he'd be in MY bed, doing what honeymooners do best, and LOTS of it. So how come someone was able to get this guy drunk, roll him and toss him overboard while his new bride sleeps on the floor somewhere else? Or even worse he FELL overboard in a drunken stupor, and had she been there, where she SHOULD have been, she might have been able to save him. And why is she now all teeth and smiles when being interviewed? Personally I'd be devastated. Just talking about it would make me hysterical, or at least bring a few tears to my eyes.
Here's my suggestion to Nancy Grace, Larry King and anyone else who's going to continue to cover this yesterday's news. Ask the tough questions. Ask the one's we haven't heard already and the ones that maybe don't have rehearsed answers. If your going to keep yapping about it, at least could you make it interesting?


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