Friday, January 06, 2006

The Book of Daniel

part II

The opening scene was Father Daniel going to the police station to pick up his teenage daughter who'd been arrested for drug possession (marijuana). Even though he was upset, and angry, his first question to her was "Are you alright". She'd done something wrong, and he was pretty mad, but his primary concern was that she was safe and okay. I can imagine the conversation in the car on their way home has been played out many times in many families over the years.
I'm not going to go through the program scene by scene, it's just that particular one stood out in my mind. It reminded me of someone I know.
There was nothing blasphemous or anti-Christian or anti-religious. In fact it was just the opposite. If I didn't already know it, I'd know by watching The Book of Daniel, Christian families are just ordinary people, trying to live their lives as best they can.
The character of Jesus was portrayed as someone kind, loving, understanding, and yes with a sense of humor. Much the way I suspect Jesus is.
I watched it, I enjoyed it, and I'll be watching again.
If you've ever wanted to know more about my personal life, just watch this show, there's more than one member of my family being portrayed here. I'll let you venture a guess as to which one best portrays me. ;)

Now, for those who've so ardently criticized this program. Condemning it before it ever aired, I'd like to say this. Did you perchance ever see the "Oh God" movies? You know the one's where God is portrayed as this senile old man, dressed in polyester, who goes around acting pretty much like a semi-lustful lunatic? How about Joan of Arcadia? Where God (or Jesus, I was never quite sure) was a different character each week. Sometimes a grungy, hoodlum looking teenager, sometimes a crazy woman, ect. Over the years God and Jesus have been portrayed in many different ways and in many different scenarios. Some good some bad. It's man's attempt to humanize that which he is in awe of. At any rate, make no mistake, men like Pat Robertson and James Dobson do more to blaspheme God and the Christian faith than any movie or TV program ever thought of doing.
The Book of Daniel is probably not an Emmy winning program. But it's good entertainment. Mostly it's just another vehicle for the far right to use in their attempts to determine what the public is allowed to watch. If you think that's not the case, remember this. Every station that refused to air the program because some station manager decided it was 'inappropriate' was in reality in violation of our civil rights. How? Because they took it upon themselves to decide what the people of those area's would be allowed to watch. What happens when stations in large metropolitan area's start deciding that religious programs (such as Billy Graham or Oral Roberts) are inappropriate for viewers of the areas they provide coverage for? When you allow censorship in one instance you are opening the door to abuse. And you can rest assured it will come.
Think about that next time you applaud a television station for refusing to allow people to decide what they will and will not be watching. It's a slippery slope and one you should think long and hard about before you start down it.


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