Wednesday, December 28, 2005

What A World, What A World!

You know it's a crazy plucked up world when you read headlines line these...
Nun Bun Stolen From Tenn. Coffeehouse (sorry I couldn't find a picture)

" Owner Bob Bernstein said he believes the culprit is someone angry over the shop displaying the world-famous pastry. "They went right for the bun," he said. "Unfortunately I think it's somebody who wanted to take it to destroy it."(Geesh even Nun's buns aren't safe!)

Then you have those [NOT SO] crazy Canucks;
Canadian court OK's group sex clubs

In a ruling that changes the way Canadian courts determine what poses a threat to the population. "Consensual conduct behind code-locked doors can hardly be supposed to jeopardize a society as vigorous and tolerant as Canadian society," said the opinion of the seven-to-two majority, written by Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin.
Consensual sex BEHIND closed doors! What a concept! I mean seriously who CARES what Canadians (or anyone for that matter) do in the privacy of their night clubs? I mean if people want to get together and have orgies, what's it to you and me?

Of course we probably should just be glad we aren't David Letterman. This poor man can not get a break.
Letterman Unrestrained
Forget about the paparazzi, this guys friends [NOT] and fans are out to make his life borderline torture.
"According to a statement filed with the court, Nestler said her "entire being [became] 'alit'" when she watched the first ever Late Show. She remained devoted to Letterman through 1998, divorcing and moving east. Theirs was hardly a one-sided affair, according to Nestler. Letterman encouraged her feelings by talking in code on air. "It is common in the television industry," she wrote in the statement.
Letterman is no stranger to unusual encounters with the public. For years, he was trailed by Margaret Ray, who insisted she was Mrs. David Letterman. And in September, a contractor was sentenced to 10 years in prison for hatching a plot to kidnap his son."

I think maybe the Wicked Witch of the West had a point when she uttered those infamous words...
"What a world, what a world!"


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