Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I love good TV, and last night (Tuesday) we had a plethora of it.
For starters there was Navy CIS. Normally I don't watch this show, because my Gilmore Girls come on the WB at the same time, but for some odd reason last nights episode was a rerun, so I hopped over and watched that hunky, delicious Mark Harmon as Gibbs. My son just loves Abby. I think it's how she makes that whole 'Goth' thing so sexy. This particular episode was subtly about torture. Of course when the 'bad guys' tortured an American, he was left broken, bruised, and bleeding. But when one of 'our people' tortured one of 'their people', all we saw was a few tears, and an appearance of extreme discomfort. Implying that when we torture we do it nicely. I'm sure there are a good many people who actually believe that bs.
Next up was Commander in Chief. This show just gets better and better. I can't decide if my favorite part was where the PRESIDENT ask the media hounds to back off, so she could actually visit with the hurricane survivors. (Wow, what a concept, a politician NOT looking for a photo op.) Or when the President's bratty teenage daughter realized that her selfish, childish behavior had cost someone their hard earned job. "Becca, there's only one Presidential detail", spoke volumes.

Finally there was Boston Legal, which had to share my attention with Law & Order CSI. Both were awesome.
Boston Legal addressed the issue of soldiers being forced to remain in Iraq, even after their enlistment is up. As well as the issues of them being poorly equipped, and a good many untrained for the jobs they are doing. Alan Shore's closing argument about 'supporting the troops' should be plastered across every newspaper/news channel in this country. When he said, "The news channel that claims they are #1 in the country, will spend hours covering the disappearance of a teenager in Aruba, but the death of the 2000th soldier in Iraq hardly made a blip on their radar. And God forbid we show a dead soldiers coffin on TV or in a newspaper," I felt chills run down my spine.
Law & Order CSI, was equally gripping. When Marcia Gaye Hardin's character Starr, slapped one dectective and called him a 'kike', then minutes later turned and called another a 'nigger', I was stunned. If the hate spewing forth from the father's mouth wasn't awful enough, seeing what he'd raised his son to believe was horrifying. Then to top that off there was the couple who'd adopted a small black child only to have him killed for the insurance money. These weren't southern rednecks (although Hardin's character did have a distinct southern accent) folks, these were respectable New Jersey types. Anyone watching this episode came away with little doubt that racial hatred is alive and thriving in this country. Of course living where I do, I am already well aware of that.
Now tell me there isn't quality in television these days. The only problem is it all seems to come on at the same time.
Of course if you have a hankering for something a with a little less quality and a little more 'shock', you can always catch Nip/Tuck. Who knew sperm had so many uses*? If you happen to come across (oops sorry, no pun intended) Joan Rivers selling this awesome facial mask on QSV/HSC, you might want to keep that* thought in mind.


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