Saturday, October 22, 2005

Sunday's Sermon

a day early

Have you ever been so mad you literally wanted to beat someone? I mean really beat them. Kick, slap, punch, pull their hair. Just beat the living crap out of them?
Yeah, I've got serious anger issues. I know it's not good Christian-like behavior. I know God in his infinite wisdom is not going to be happy with me. It won't be the first time. You can bet (oops, another 'no no') it won't be the last.

AN Y WAY, (ooo Piggy's fav word) I've been in a mood lately. You know, one of those pissy/bitchy moods where everything seems to rub you the wrong way. Some might call it PMS. My family might call it PBS (you figure it out). Then yesterday morning I read David's post and I started feeling a little better. Maybe the world isn't so phucked up after all.

It didn't last long, because THEN, I read THIS !
That sorry piece of human excrement has the unmitigated gall to freaking plead innocent??? What part of you DID IT does she NOT get? People SAW her. They SAW her cold-bloodedly stand on that pier and throw those innocent little babies in that deep, dark water. She dropped them in, one at a time, then stood there and watched as they drowned. She was their Momma. They trusted her. And she killed them. Now she has the nerve to plead INNOCENT?
I am SO SICK of this. What kind of a sick world do we live in where this woman can stand up in a court of law and claim innocence? It's gone too far. We as a society have let it go too damn far.
I don't want to hear that God, the devil, 'voices' (or post-partum depression) told/made her to do it. Bullcrap! I'm sick of the Andrea Yate's and Susan Smith's getting away with cold blooded murder, of children. THEIR own children. I'm tired of the John Couey's, and the Joseph Edward Duncan's, raping, torturing, and murdering OUR children. I'm sick of hearing excuses, and I'm sick of us, ALL of us sitting back and letting people like this thrive in our society.
I know, your thinking what can I do? That's way out in California. Well here's what you can do, you can take 20 or 30 minutes out of your busy day and write you Senator, your Congressman, your Governor, your President, and tell them you are sick and tired of people getting away with murder (and other crimes). You can tell them if they want YOUR vote, they'd darn well better start stepping up and doing something about the criminals in our society. Tell them your tired of people who break the law being let go on technicalities. Let them know that SOMEONE is going to start being held accountable. If not the criminals then the politicians (who often are both). Because we are not going to take it anymore. Then write about it in YOUR blog, get the word out. Encourage others to do the same. Believe me if they hear this from enough people, they'll start paying attention.

Yesterday afternoon I sent out a dozen emails. Today I'm mailing at least as many letters. Because I for one and not going to just keep sitting back and whining about the mess our society is in, I'm going to do something. At least I'm going to try.
Now if you all want to all chip in and buy me a plane ( train or bus) ticket to California, I might even do more than that. Just let me in a room with that bitch. Five minutes is all I need.


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