Monday, October 10, 2005

Indian Summer

Indian Summer Crusin

The words alone conjure up images of blazing colors, and thoughts of sunny warm days,and cool restful nights. It's that all too short period of time between the stifling hazy heated days of summer, and the cold numbing nights of winter. It's arrival may come any time from late September, to early November, depending on your locality. That is of course in the Northern Hemisphere.
Would you be surprised to know that most people say their season of choice is autumn? It did me. I thought most preferred summer. I'm sure there are even, more than a few who revel in the long cozy nights of winter. But for me, it's all about autumn. My favorite pastime is Sunday afternoon crusin, on those lovely Indian Summer afternoons.
Unlike Mary Lou and Houston , I lack the wordsmith to fully describe the beauty and joy I see and feel all around me with the arrival of autumn. I can't think of a single thing about it that I don't enjoy.
There are of course the colors. Reds, yellows, oranges, browns, there's even still a touch of green here and there. The smells assault my senses, yards being raked, leaves burning. Hay being baled and stored for the winter. Horns of plenty pop up everywhere. As do Indian corn, squash, and of course pumpkins. Soon to be followed by jack-o-lanterns and scarecrows. There's football, Halloween, and my most favored holiday, Thanksgiving. What's not to love?
Some believe the term 'Indian Summer' comes from when Native Americans harvested their crops at this time of year. It may even be of Asian Indian, rather than North American Indian, origin. H. E. Ware, an English writer, noted that ships at that time traversing the Indian Ocean loaded up their cargo the most during the "Indian Summer", or fair weather season. Several ships actually had an "I.S." on their hull at the load level thought safe during the Indian Summer.
Whatever the origin, or time of arrival, it is by far the most beautiful of all seasons. At least in my opinion.
What about you? What's your season of preference?

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