Thursday, October 27, 2005

I'm Weird that way

Okay El, here ya go.

1. When I boot up my computer I have a process I go through. It never changes. Boot up, play one game of solitaire, check my email, check the news (CNN, then FOX) then check my blogs.

2. I hate clowns. I'm not afraid of them, I just don't like them. I don't feel the need to smash their faces in, but I really don't like clowns.

3. I have one soap opera I watch (Bold & Beautiful) I keep saying I'm going to quit, but never do for very long. I've been watching it since it premiered in 1987.

4. I too have a strange laugh. Which is why I try hard NOT to laugh in Wal-Mart. Or anywhere else in public.

5. I love Scrabble, but am so competitive no one will play with me. Which is why I play online. Even there I have to change my id. A lot.

6. I can't drink milk without ice in it.

7. I can't stand to be interrupted. If you interrupt me I will stop talking and just stare at you.

8. I have a very strange sneeze. It's not loud, but weird. Everyone who hears it looks at me like I'm , well, weird.

9. Looking at the sun, or a light bulb will make me sneeze too. (Just like Ellen)

10. I will not wear clothes that aren't color coordinated.

11. I hate it when people say "ya know" after every sentence.

12. I refuse to cut my own toenails and will pay someone else to do it for me.

13. I can sit and read for hours, but if I try to read out loud I will nearly fall asleep.

14. I hate talking on the phone. Which is why I don't call many people.

15. I always have to sleep on the side of the bed next to the door.

16. I can't stand commercials. Won't watch one unless I absolutely have to.

17. I yell at people on TV

18. I yell at people when driving.

19. I don't like most men's cologne. Jade East, Hai Karate, Canoe, and English Leather are the only one's that I like. Hai Karate can make the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Among other things.

20. I love fried chicken, but won't eat the thigh. Don't know why, but I just won't eat them.

Okay, stick a fork in me, I'm done.
Now, I tag, who else, Phyllis !


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