Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Well the votes are in, the best man/woman did NOT win, and another season of Big Brother is put to rest.
In many ways the people who were houseguest this year represented a genuine cross section of our society. As did their behavior.

First off you have Eric. The paramedic from Las Vegas. The man is so in love with the image he has of himself he can't see the reality of what he is. Arrogant, selfish,stubborn, obnoxious and a bully. It's his way or the highway. It's not hard to understand why the majority of viewers preferred Kaysar to him.

Then there's Ivette. You would think being a minority herself she'd be more sensitive to the cultures of others. NOT! This woman was the personification of all that is racist in this country. She was loud, mean, obnoxious, and judgmental. No wonder 'being herself' didn't win her the game.

Has there ever been a more amoral houseguest than Jenn? Who proudly declared her 'claim to fame' was being the girl in her sorority who gave the best blow job. She took lying to a new level. She gave the word betrayal a face.

Speaking of lying, did April ever utter a sentence that didn't have a lie in it? Along with not having the decency to use a Kleenex to pick her nose, which she did constantly. Her comment about "Americans being a piece of shit", because we preferred Janelle to her, Maggie, and Ivette, says it all. Talk about being out of touch with reality.

And last but not least we have Maggie. While she constantly preached about staying loyal to the team, she was the one player who was always playing for herself. She said so. YOU, Maggie represent those in our society who sit around quietly and watch the good people of this world go down in flames. And when the dust begins to settle you gladly feast on what's left. All the while bitching about how much it cost.

Someone needs to explain to these people it's not okay to sell your soul for money. Every time they give a speech about the importance of friendship, loyalty, integrity, and honor my stomach begins to turn.

Then you have the 'others'.
Like Howie, a sweet, kind, guy, who wanted to love everyone (sometimes literally!). Talk about integrity. Here's a guy who made a promise to someone (Maggie) and even though all of his team implored him not to, he honored his word. Is it any wonder he was crushed when they (the nerd herd) couldn't be as decent as he? Like me he foolishly believed if he stood by his word they would as well.

Rachel is an amazing woman. She played with honor, and passion. She gave it her all. And never gave into the 'stab them in the back' style that clearly wins this game.

Then there were America's favorites Janelle and Kaysar. Janelle is the kind of woman men love and women hate. She's sweet, funny, sexy, and smart. With a heart of gold. Kaysar won the hearts and minds of millions of Americans (Canadians as well I'm sure). His behavior, his demeanor, on this show has done more to improve the image of Muslims than any thing I can think of. His single greatest downfall was to trust a trashy, trampy woman, who had no concept of honor and dignity.

Lastly there were James, Sarah, Beau, Michael, and Ashleah. We hardly had a chance to get to know Michael and Ashleah before they were banished. Why? Well Ashleah because she was 'too pretty' and Michael because he dared to stand up to 'Cappy'.
What can I say about James? He is a prime example of what happens when you try to play both sides of the fence. First Sarah and then he paid the price for his inabilityy to pick a side and stick with them. James, I hope you came away from this knowing when you lie, you always get caught. Beau? Was he ever anything more than window dressing? The token black/gay in the game? Although I did LOVE those scenes with him and Howie. That was entertainment!
But in the end, it was the manipulator and the hater who won the game. Yes, I'd say that pretty much represents the reality of life.
Or as the French would say...


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