Tuesday, September 13, 2005

An Untimely End

Back last March my brother-in-law Kenneth passed away. Kenny had been in bad health, and steadily going downhill for sometime. In the past year he seemed to have just melted away. While his passing was a deep sadness for his family, I can't help but believe it was the best for him. He'd been suffering long enough.
Kenny had always been a strong man. One could say domineering. After his death his wife Wanda (yup there were two of us), slowly began to come out of her shell. You could almost see her blossom. She'd stop by our house every week or so, just to say 'hello'. She bought herself a computer. She'd wanted one for years but Kenny thought they brought too much of the 'world' into the house. She got her one of those scooter things and oh how she enjoyed that puppy. I know she grieved for Kenny in her own way, but I was happy to see her happy and getting on with life.
This afternoon around 2 PM my other sister-in-law Charlotte called and said Wanda had died last night. Just gone.
The details are sketchy, and we don't really know much. She called Charlotte last night and they chatted for awhile. Charlotte said she seemed to be fine. Apparently sometime later she called one of her cousins and said she didn't feel well, and wanted her to come over. The lady wasn't able to go at the time but told Wanda she'd be over 'tomorrow'. When she got there today she couldn't get Wanda to the door. She could hear the dog barking, and the idea of Wanda still being in bed that late was strange to say the least. Finally she gave up and called the Sheriff's department. They came out, broke open the door and found her on the floor of her bedroom.
To say we are in a state of shock would be an understatement. I simply can't wrap my mind around the idea that this happy, moderately healthy woman is gone. She had some health problems but she had them under control. For some reason, my gut tells me something isn't right here.
Wanda had come into a fair amount of money when Kenny died. There was life insurance, and his retirement money. He'd worked for the government for over 35 years. Then there was all the property they owned. Including their home and vehicles. I'd hate to think someone would be so greedy, as to do harm to her, but I can't help wondering.
At any rate once again I will be away for a few days. I hadn't been to a funeral in five years prior to 2005. Wanda's will be my fifth one this year. I'm starting to get a real bad feeling.


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