Thursday, September 08, 2005

Thoughts for Thursday

I've said all I can say. Yet there seems to be so much more that needs to be said.
I've ranted and raved. I've cried untill I'm exhausted from the emotions of what I'm witnessing. I don't know which is worse the pain and the suffering of so many. Or the cold, callous, judgemental attitude of so many.
When one blogger asks what can "I" do to help, and I see comments like the following
"I might suggest prayers, several thousand copies of the Bible and some preaching. New Orlean was struck because it was God's will to show them that their bad behavior cannot co unpunished."**
I don't know whether to cry or scream.

Then I read stories like ,
Denise Moore's .

I don't want to watch it. I don't want to hear it. I want to change the channel, avoid the online news. Avoid the blogs where the topic is the suffering. But how dare I turn away, too weak to endure only pictures and words? Which pale in comparison to what so many people are experiencing.
How dare I choose not to bear witness to what may be the greatest human tragedy to ever visit this country?
When I reach the point where I think I simply cannot take anymore, I remind myself, there are those who have withstood so much more, and continue to persevere.
So I will continue my appointed rounds. And I will remember. Dear God how I will remember. I pray we all will.

**A man calling himself Alberto. He claims to be one of God's messengers. He has a blog but I refuse to provide a link to it. The evil he spews out there is not going to be further spread by me. But believe me he does exist. There are more out there like him in varrying degrees. More than you might imagine.


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