Friday, September 02, 2005

Is it Friday Alread?

This past week has been like living in a nightmare. One that just keeps getting worse. My emotions are all over the place. Everywhere I turn I'm confronted with images of the disaster unfolding around us. It almost seems surreal.
I've been working with some friends trying to put together a caravan to take supplies down to Mississippi, but fate keeps stepping in. First of all we find out gas is being rationed everywhere. What happens if we get down there and can't get back? Then we find out even if we're able to get down there we may not be able to get the stuff to the people who need it. So many roads are torn up, and bridges out. On top of that there's the sudden rise in the price of WATER. Yeah, water. Bottled water was around $.35 a gallon, suddenly it's $.99! Or higher. And ice. Ice has gone from being $.57 for a 5lb bag to $1.25! The retailers say it's because of the rising gas prices. Their suppliers are charging them more, and they're passing the cost on to the consumer. Well freaking BITE ME!
The people in Mississippi are begging for food and water, the people in New Orleans are dying stranded on the interstate. Babies have no formula. There's water everywhere and not a drop to drink. Dear God it's like we're living in a third world country.

I've long been a fan of Anderson Cooper's (CNN) and today he showed his true colors...
"Cooper has been down in the middle of the devastation on the Gulf Coast since the beginning of the week. Today, he apparently hit his breaking point. Crooks and Liars has the video of the discussion between Anderson and Sen. Mary Landreiu, D-La (YES, a democrat!!). And what a clip it is.

I watched it live, and my jaw was on the floor. Cooper took Landreiu apart, who made no less than two attempts to thank the Bush administration for its response to the disaster. Cooper (paraphrasing): "Are you fucking kidding me??? I've been here since the beginning. Today, I saw a woman's body being eaten by rats. There's no food. There's no water. There's no relief agencies. People are desparate."

The interaction was priceless; Cooper may have lost his cool, but he recovered nicely at the end. I've never seen truer coverage of an event."

I also want to commend Joe Scarborough. He's left the comfort of his newsdesk and gone down to the front lines. And Bill O'Reilly. I watched stunned tonigh as Mr O'Reilly took some bigshot oil guy apart. Asking him why can't the oil companies forgo just 20% of their profits until this crisis is over? All he got for his efforts was lip service about how oil companies have to answer to their investors. Bill basically said what I was thinking, (paraphrasing) BULLSHIT!

I'm proud of the media and how they've stayed on topic and how they are keeping the focus on these politicians who are doing a lot of talking and photo opps but not taking any real action.

I'm not giving up on my little caravan of hope. One way or another we WILL be going. I don't have much money, but I'm going to share what I have. My people need whatever I have to give and I'm going to give till it hurts. Because that's what we Southerners/Americans do.


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