Thursday, September 29, 2005

I'm going to pass on the urge to comment on the BIG event for yesterday.
Instead I'm going to talk about something that seems to be making quite a stir in the blogosphere.
The re-building of New Orleans.
There are some folks who think this can be done by throwing money at the problem. While that sounds like a good idea, the problem is most of the money is going to get stuck in the pockets of bigshots and never get to the people who need it most. On top of that what wee bit does actually 'trickle down' to those in need may not be used wisely as many of these folks don't have the savvy or the wherewithal to make such life changing decisions. Having never had, even moderate sums of 'surplus money', chances are a good many of them will indeed rush right out and buy big screen TV's. Even if they have no where to put them. Yes, I know that sounds bigoted, but sometimes the truth is bigoted.
Then there's the train of thought that says let those who can, do and those who can't move on. In other words those who have the means (insurance, savings,ect.) can re-build. Those who don't, well tough poop,keep on moving along little doggies.

The problem with this theory is, most insurance companies WILL NOT COVER damage from flood waters. And since the majority of the damages in New Orleans are a direct result of flooding, guess what. NO INSURANCE. This is a big issue and one that is going to have to be addressed. The cost of home owners insurance is almost prohibitive these days as it is, and working class people often have to choose between insurance (and not just home owners either), food and utilities. Throw in the ever rising cost of gas and you've got some pretty tough choices that have to be made.
So, what do we do for those people? The ones who had jobs, were working, struggling to keep their heads above water (no pun intended) and either had no insurance or had insurance but that insurance won't cover their homes because the damage was due to flooding?
Low interest loans are not that much help. What about the mortgages on their old home? What becomes of it? What about their belonging that were lost? Not just big things like beds, sofas, stoves, hot water heaters, ect. but little things like shoes and clothes? How do they pay back even low interest loans if there are no jobs to go to?
These are serious issues and saying that only those who are financially qualified to survive on their own should be given the opportunity to do so, sounds like a much needed dose of 'tough love'. But, some city, some state , somewhere is going to have to take in those who cannot return. There were a whole LOT of poor folks in New Orleans. Those people are going to have to end up somewhere.
I'm guessing a whole lot of them are liking the looks of Texas right now. Which in itself is a kind of poetic justice.
I'm just hoping they don't look Alabama's way (like any sane person would). God knows we gots enough poor folks here as it is.
I know, I'm one of em.


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