Thursday, August 25, 2005

Remebering Iraq

remembering the WAR

Would you be surprised to learn that more Iraqi civilians have died in just the last two months than Americans have died since the beginning of the war? The Baghdad morgue does 5 times more business than it ever did under Saddam's rule? Five times as many Iraqis NOW live in poverty than ever did under Saddam? [ source] This is what war has wrought. I would dare say we need to rethink our current strategy.
Apparently I'm not alone. As of today 56% of American's polled think the war is going badly and are questioning it's validity. [source] Many are wondering why we're in Iraq? Is it really for freedom and democracy? Are our troops over there fighting to help establish a government where the people can speak up about their government and it's leaders? If so, maybe someone needs to remind people like this guy , who wants to "use whatever means necessary" to ensure that everyone just shuts the fuck up."
And, folks it's not just the 'extremist' (yes there are those who would consider "me" and extremist, although, Bill O'Reilly isn't one of them)on the left anymore. Senator Chuck Hagel (R/Nebraska) has stepped up to the podium and took a stand ("stay the course" is not a policy. By any standard, when you analyze 2 1/2 years in Iraq ... we are not winning ).[source]Not even close. The insurgencyensy is NOT in it's last throes. If anything it's growing stronger every day. Many of the Iraqi's that have been trained by American troops have deserted the Iraqi army and joined up with the opposition. In effect we've trained them to fight,...US!

Of course the young republicans Yellow Elephants have been quick to label this war veteran (two Purple Hearts, a Bronze Star, and numerous citations of meritorious honor) as being "out of touch" and uninformed. Much the same as they did John McCain, Max Clelland, and John Kerry. Apparently anyone who's actually seen battle has no idea what this war is all about. Or how to win it. Then again, it's fairly apparent neither does anyone in the current administration.

Cindy Sheehan has taken a lot of flack for her stand on the war. I know full well it's an unpopular subject on this side of the blogosphere. But, much like the war, neither of us is going away. Here in this blog, in this place, is where I will show my support for the troops. By demanding that we not forget there is a war going on. By not allowing 'stay the course' to become the catch phrase for easing the conscience of this country. There are people paying the price for this 'strategy' and it's not you and I. Not yet anyway. But how many of us have sons and daughters who could be at risk should there be a need for a draft? This very week, 1500 more troops are on their way to that hell-hole.[ source] With the age for enlistments being raised to 35, I'd say most of us have at least one child who'd be eligible. So no, I will not go quietly into the dark night. I will rage on against the dying of the light. The light we so desperately need to see at the end of this long dark tunnel.

The HIGH PRICE of War .


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