Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Okay people I'm almost over my need to vent. Well, here anyway. I still strongly support Cindy, and will be helping hold a candlelight vigil, along with millions of others nationwide, this coming Wednesday evening, at 7:30 PM.

I think what happened a few days ago was disgusting and reprehensible Crosses vandalized at antiwar mom's Texas camp site . Anyone who would do something so disgusting is beyond cruel and should be arrested. We here in south bama have the same practice of putting up little white crosses on the side of the highway. No one would ever purposely drive over one. To do so is to be disrespectful of the those who died. No matter where their death took place.
As for Bush's neighbors who are being inconvenienced by the protestors, well, that's the price you pay for being neighbors with the President. He is the PRESIDENT after all. Did they really think he'd serve 8 years and there wouldn't be an snafu or two? Of course the fact that most of them didn't vote for him (well according to voting statistics from the last election) is irrelevant. That's just the price you pay for living so close to such a great guy [NOT].

Now, for another important subject. Does ANYONE have any idea what happened to TW (Tightly Wound)? Her blog just up and disappeared. I don't have her email addy so I can't write her and folks I'm kinda worried. I know she'd been going through some rough times. I just want to know if she's okay. If anyone can find out, I'm sure there are lots of us who'd like to know.

Okay, carry on!!


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