Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Weekend Update

The holiday weekend here in the house on Any St in Podunt, USA, was fairly normal. The only explosions were of the fireworks variety. Considering how many people are currently occupying said house that alone is an accomplishment. There was a cookout late Monday afternoon, followed by an evening of watermelon and fireworks. The hubs left for his monthy sojourn to his brothers. I'm sure he's going to enjoy the peace and quiet of a house with only three adults living there. I almost envy him.
The most exciting thing to happen all weekend was my radio interview (via telephone) with Dan & Co over at Left Turn on Bird Street . I was quite honored to be invited to chat with them on air about the life of being a liberal in a southern red state (heck it's more of a block of red states). Somewhere out in California people are shaking their heads wondering how a lefty such as myself survives living amongst so many righty's. The encouraging news is I'm starting to see more and more folks come toward the light.
I'm hoping the coming week will bring some much needed rain. Oh and peace and quiet too!
Ya'll have a good one!

ps: Yes I shamelessly stole these smilies from KB over at Split Splat . Hopefully she won't put a hit out on me!


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