Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Wednesday's Wanderings

Is anyone besides me totally impressed with Kaysar on Big Brother? In one fell swoop he brought the high and mighty Eric to his knees. Eric goes around talking about playing the game with integrity but he was the FIRST one to break his word. He made a deal with Michael, James, and Kaysar that they would be the final four. Then the first thing he does when he's HOH is nominate Michael and talk crap about him all week. Now that Michael's gone, he expects James and Kaysar to honor their deals with him. How wrong is that? Eric made the same mistake Jase and Scott made last year. He assumed he could control people by using intimidation.
Kaysar on the other hand is using the fine art of persuasion. He simply lays out the options and lets the the others make their own decisions. He's a very intelligent guy. But I wouldn't want to cross him. I suspect with Kaysar revenge is not a dish he'd serve up cold.
Now, if you don't watch Big Brother, you have no idea who or what I'm talking about.
So, here's a little something one the side. A Wednesday meme...

1. Which country is the world's greatest superpower"
I guess I'd have to say the United States. Followed closely by China.

2. Why is the whole world excited about Harry Potter?
I have no idea. But I'm enjoying the book that a very kind and generous lady sent me!

3. Is anything in life ever free? Name something.
Well, maybe.
Or maybe not.
Blogger is free. Yeah it has it's hassles but it's still free. Same with Haloscan.

Okay, I'm off to beddy bye.


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