Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sunday Morning Coming Down

As everyone knows I've been rather pre-occupied these past few weeks. First and formost there's been Big Brother. Much of last week I spent glued to the live feed updates. Hoping and praying Eric was going home. Alas my prayers were answered, but my joy was to be short lived. Maggie, Eric's partner won HOH and in one fell swoop, broke the new alliance of 6 . James, being the lying, backstabbing, two-faced, ass he is, didn't let the key to HOH hit her shoulders before he was '6' inches up her butt. He's her new best friend. If Maggie is hornswoggled by this guy she deserves to loose. And she will. If she succombs to pressure from Ivette and April (his new-next-best-friends) and doesn't get rid of him this week she's a fool. As are they all, including the now defunct alliance of 6. This guy has no qualms about stabbing even his own partner and real life girlfriend (Sarah) in the back. He's in it to win at all cost.
Needless to say, seeing my man Kaysar back up on the chopping block has not made me a happy camper. Much is riding on the veto this week.
I've also been busy with another issue that's very important to me. Since it's of a political nature I've tried not to get into it here at le chateau Breathe.... For the obvious reasons. However, a couple of folks (okay, David and Sally) have expressed an interest in knowing anyway. So, here's the deal. If you REALLY want to know, I'll tell you. But, be forwarned you may not like it. Here's your chance to say 'yea or nae'. The majority wins.
Do you really want to know what's the hot issue I've been working?
Or would you rather leave the political stuff to the other side?
You may now cast your votes.


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