Thursday, July 14, 2005

Guilty Pleasures

I confess. I'm addicted. For the past five years the ides of summer have found me glued alternately to my computer and my television. Big Brother [6] has arrived.
I will stay up all hours of the night (this is the one time I don't mind insomnia) to watch the live feeds or to read the live feed updates. People in the chat room know me on a first name basis. After all we've been chatting every summer for five years. There's Barb and Romie, and Joe from Tampa. We're already taking bets on who's going home this week. I'm hoping it will be Ashlea and not Kaysar. Not that I have anything against Ashlea, I just like Kaysar better. Guess what. He's Muslim and he's a hottie! I'm curious to see if the other houseguest will hold his nationality and his religion against him.
Anyway (yea, Piggy's fav word) don't get concerned if I go missing for a day or two. Just hop on over to the Big Brother chat room. You'll find me there. Or asleep on the floor by the computer or tv.
Do you have a gulity pleasure?


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