Friday, July 29, 2005

Freaky Friday

I know I've been rather lackadaisical in my blogging of late. It's just there's been so much going on. I've been working on a personal project that's kind of politically connected so I won't go into the details. Of course I've been indulging in my guilty pleasrue (Big Brother)quite a bit, as well.
Speaking of Big Brother, how about that show last night? I jumped for joy when Eric got his walking papers. What a jerk he'd been all week. Of course my joy was short lived when Maggie won HOH. I'm afraid this does not bode well for my guy Kaysar. But that's the way the game goes. One week your on top, the next week your the one on the hot seat. I can't believe James is already switching sides! He's gone to Maggie, suggesting the best people to nominate are Janelle and Kaysar! What a rotten backstabber he is. I don't think Maggie's going to fall for his BS though. I sure hope not.
Anyway,(oooo Piggy's favorite word), this weekend promises to be a busy one for me. Hopefully I will get caught up with my blogwalking early next week.
I hope everyone is enjoying this HOT summer weather. As for me I HATE it. I'm counting the days until October.
What's your guilty pleasure? Do you have the opportunity to indulge in it often?


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