Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Don't Have A Cow Man!

Man faints, dies after seeing epidural

LOS ANGELES - A California woman is suing a hospital for wrongful death because her husband fainted and suffered a fatal injury after helping delivery room staff give her a pain-killing injection.

Can you imagine if he'd seen her getting an episiotomy? Or actually seen a head the size of a small cantalope passing through his wife's vagina? Men are such wussies.

Maybe I'm being a bit on the cold side here, but I'm thinking this guy wouldn't have held up too well over the long run anyway. If seeing someone else getting a shot was enough to bring him to his knees he'd have never been able to hold up to the big stuff. Like taking the kid in for it's shots. Or maybe taking the kid to the hospital for stitches when he/she busted his/her head open falling off a bicycle.

To think there are fools out there that think women can't hold up in combat.


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