Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Wednesday's Wonder's

Well, as it turns out, no visit to the computer doctor was necessary. The purchase of a nifty new mouse fixed the problem. I love it when I get a break.

Has anyone else been having any problems with Haloscan? I can't get comments to post and while I may have five or six comments the number "1" is all that shows up. Bleh!

How about that speech by George W.? You didn't watch? Don't feel bad, neither did I. Instead I watched my Gilmore Girls . I so wanna be Lorelai. She's such a cool Mom. A hot one too! And is that Luke a sexy devil or what? In reality I'm more like Sookie. In fact I'm a whole lot more like Sookie. Except for the whole cooking thing. I wish Podunt were a lot more like Stars Hallow too. Maybe it wouldn't be so boring.
Well, it's hump day. So maybe I should go hump something. Later duckies!


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