Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Wednesday's Woe's

Ever heard that old saying about be careful what you wish for? That's all I'm gonna say on that subject.

Regarding Jacko, I was only mildly surprised. I had held out hope that because a few of the jurors were like middle aged there might actually be some justice this time around. My bad. Clearly I over estimated the level of age and wisdom.
About Schaivo, again no big surprises here either. I didn't expect her autopsy to show that she was a normal woman with a normal brain.
As for the Alabama Teen Missing in Aruba, enough already. It's been over two weeks, what are the odds she sitting on the beach somewhere waiting for someone to find her? If the kid last seen with her wasn't the son of a high ranking judge I suspect they'd have already CONVINCED him to fess up. Aruba is an island that's 19 miles long and 6 miles wide. If they haven't found this girls body by now, then it's a given more than one person was involved and whatever they did with her, she probably isn't going to be found. Just venturing a guess here but I'm thinking a small boat, middle of the night, you do the math. It's a tragedy for sure, but there are tragedy's around us everywhere. Like in Iraq.
Speaking of Iraq, does anyone remember we have a whole lot of soliders over there in that hot, miserable place, living every moment of their lives in danger? Has anyone ask the question lately, when can we start talking about bringing them ALL home?
While I'm on a roll here, I don't know what the fluck is up with this damn blog. I have changed the skin twice now and it still loads like crap. I cut down on the images. Nothing works. The right side still take freaking forever to load (and there aren't any pictures on the right side). I'm stumped.
Can you tell I'm not a happy camper today? I really need to vent, but we can't talk here. I'm meet you in the library. Bring a candlestick and maybe a rope. That's all the Clue's I'm givin ya.


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