Friday, June 03, 2005

Friday Five Ten

aka, Otto's
Monday's Madness

The follow all begin with "Have you ever...
1. ...ridden on a rollercoaster? Oh Yeah! Their wicked cool!
2. ...performed (in any area of the arts) onstage? Yes. In high school I was in the drama club. We did one play every year. I played the third witch in Macbeth. The second year I played Zaneeta Shinn (the mayor's daughter) in The Music Man.
3. ...planted a garden? Not by myself. I helped my mother many times over the years.
4. ...ever had to reformat your hard drive due to a virus/spyware? Yes
5. ...written a book? A poem? A song? I've written a few short stories and even had them published. I write [bad] poetry all the time.
6. ...sang karaoke? Sure. It's tons of fun.
7. ...been interviewed by a local tv station/newspaper? No.
8. ...witnessed a tornado/earthquake/hurricane first-hand? Oh Yeah! Again, wicked cool!
9. ...participated in a photo scavenger hunt? No, but I think I'd like to.
10. ... traveled to another country? Oh my yes. Many times.


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