Thursday, June 16, 2005


Okay, folks, watch out the fireworks are about to start. I'm fixin' to climb up on my soapbox and do some ranting.

I have had it . Enough is enough. Want to know what pushed me over the edge? Well, this was it. Auburn University Theatre Banner Causing Controversy

What the hell is wrong with people? A freaking banner for pete's sake. About a damned play that's been on Broadway, and in the movies for years. Some wimp assed hypocrite is afraid his gandson will see it and ask questions? If a kid in high school doesn't know by now what a whorehouse is then it's high time somebody sat him down and explained it to him. Give me a freaking break.

I am sick and tired of the zealot hypocrites on the religious right telling the rest of us how we should and should not live our lives. Trying to monitor what we see, what we read, how we live, whom we have sex with, and even how we should freaking think! If you want to be a pseudo-Christian, go right ahead. Live your life of lies, hate and deceit. But don't you try to force your damned uptight lifestyle on me. Or my children or grandchildren, or my friends and family. If I want to divorce my husband and marry Suzy down the street that's MY freaking business. Mine and hers. Not yours. Do you hear me? It's none of your damned business. If I want to watch XXX rated movies that's my business. If I want to read XXXX rated magazines that too is MY business. What I do in the privacy of my home is my damned business.

If even half the jerks who want to monitor and rule every aspect of our lives weren't such hypocrites it would be one thing. Problem is their not. Most of them lead lives of quite desperation. Hiding their sins behind closeted doors.

While I'm on a roll here, let me add, anyone who doesn't think that the recent onslaught on gays is just a guise, a means to an end, then your a fool. Do you know what their ultimate goal is? It's to eventually repeal the rights of women and minorities. If they can shove gays back into the closet, shut them out of having normal happy lives, then guess who they'll go after next?
The fact is the people in power right now want a country ruled and dominated by rich white men. It's not about having higher values, and morals. It's not about being good decent Christian people. It's about POWER. They want all the POWER. They want to legislate and dominate.
All the koolaid drinking ostrich people , better put down the koolaid, and pull their collective heads out of the sand (or from up their asses) and pay attention to what is going on in this country. Because if they don't, we will be living in a country more communist than the Soviet Union ever thought of being. A country run by rich white men, who are religious nuts. Is that what you really want? As for me I've had it. I'm not taking this crap anymore. Get out of my face, my mind, and my life. I'm taking back what belongs to me!


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