Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Wednesday's Wanderings

You know those days when you have absolutely nothing of value to say? Well I'm having a run of them. I got beans.
I thought if I sat down and started writing it would come to me. That ain't happening either. I still got beans.
I'm okay, the family's okay. The world is in a mess. I used to think I could fix things if I could just be God for one day. I don't think that so much any more. The place is a mess and if God can't or won't straighten it out, there's little hope I could.
Queenie , I hope your feeling better today. I hope whomever screwed with you is haunted by the hounds of hell.
Brenda I hope you found that money that just got right up and walked out of your pocketbook. Money does that to me too. I can't hang onto a dime to save my name.
Sally , I hope your getting over that nasty bronchitis that's been bugging you.
KB , I hope little Taz is doing better. I lit a candle for him and requested special prayers. I know his family must feel so helpless right now.
Otto , I hope your computer is on it's way to being fixed. Damn spammers and viruses should be outlawed!
Joe , send us some of that rain. I love a rainy night.
Everybody else, I hope your all having wonderful days and snuggly nights.
Oh yeah, if you have emailed me at my Yahoo email addy and I haven't answered that's because I lost my password and I can't get in. I usually use the same password for everything but I'd changed them all because of a problem I'd had with people getting into my stuff. Now "I" can't get into my stuff. Figures huh?
Okay, I'm done now. Hope this works for ya'll.


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