Friday, May 06, 2005

Friday Five

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it's late. But late's better than not at all. Right?

With all the bruhaha over religion and politics lately I thought go with something along that line. Submitted for your approval.

1.) Do you believe in God or a higher power?
I am a Christian and I have a strong faith in God. There are times when I am weak and I wonder why so many bad things happen to good people, or why do the evil and rich seem to always be the one's who prosper. But at the end of the day I simply have to believe that it is not meant for me to understand all the workings of our universe. I suppose that's why it's called faith.

2.) Are good and evil just concepts, or real powers in the universe?
I believe that good and evil are very real.

3.) What is your view on forgiveness?
I try to be forgiving, and to understand that we all make mistakes. Sometimes this is not easy. I believe everyone should be given a second chance. But, I am only human and there are people who I cannot forgive for the evil they do.

4.) Do organized religions do more harm than good?
Without question I think organized religion is a pox on the face of humanity.

5.) If you had a day to spend playing God, what would you do?
I'd always thought this would be a wonderful thing. Then I saw the movie Bruce Almighty and I realized being God is a tremoundous responsibility. Everything that you would do would have rippled affects. For instance if I decreed there would be no rich or poor, all would be equal. Then how would you inspire your children to work hard for their future? What would there be to work toward, if you already had all that you needed? If I decreed there would be no sickness and no death, then where would all the people live? Soon we would run out of food. Why would anyone buy a Toyota if they could all have BMW's? Wouldn't that put Toyota out of business?
Maybe my simple human mind cannot grasp the magnitude of changes that would need be made. Therefore I think I'll let God keep his job and I'll just meander along being me.

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