Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Bright Lights, Big City

Well, we finally made our trip to the big city. We took the sister-in-law's van and she came along for the ride. The day went fairly well. Although we didn't get in any shopping. I must have walked a hundred miles all over that hospital. One place for this, another for that. Then back to the pharmacy for perscriptions. Then to the Admin office to fill out paperwork requesting the hubs records be transfered to Dothan. After all that I still had to drive home.
Before the day was over I paid dealy for that little excursion. Around midnight I felt a cramp start in the calf of my right leg, in a matter of seconds I was in agonizing pain. The cramp was seizing up the entire lower right side of my body. I couldn't stand, I couldn't sit, at one point I was actually screaming in pain. I couldn't even get into the car to go to the hospital. I have had four children and I have never experienced pain such as that. Poor Kasey and Robert were scared to death, they were trying to help me but there was nothing they could do. Finally it began to ease off some and I was able to sit down. I took 3 motrin and two shots of 80proof rum. After about 20 minutes the pain began to subside and I was able to make it to my bed. Where I promply laid down and passed out.
It's now Wednesday (well soon it will be Thursday) and my leg and back are still very sore. I should have known better than to push myself like I did, but darn I hate not being able to get around like I used to. I can remember when I could walk for hours in the mall or on the beach. Now a walk to the corner wears me out. I have been trying to get by using only Aleve and motrin, but I don't know how much longer that is going to work. Clearly there will be no more days of long hours of shopping and driving. Maybe I should just let them take me out to pasture and shoot me (just kidding).
On the bright side, maybe I can start using one of those scooter things for real! They look like lots of fun. I can just see me whizzing around in WallHell, (or the mall) on my shiney red scooter. For once I can run over other peoples kids instead of them running over me! See, there IS a silver lining to every cloud!!


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