Friday, April 15, 2005

The Patchwork Woman

Awhile back I was thinking about changing the name of my blog. I wanted a title that reflected more about who and what I am. The problem was I couldn't find any one thing that I felt described me or what I'm all about. Over time I've come to the conclusion the reason for that is, there is no one word that describes me. Trying to sum me up in one word is like trying to describe the Grand Canyon to a blind man. Yes, I know breath-taking might do it, but I don't want to sound TOO conceited here.
There are so many little (and big) traits and quirks that all come together to create the person I am. I am of course a woman, a wife, and a mother. I can be a friend, or foe. I can be sweet,kind, loving and compassionate. I can also be stubborn, bitchy, ill-tempered, and mouthy. I have been known to be loyal to a fault. Yet there have been times when despite my loyalty to someone I have done what I felt was the right thing and betrayed that loyalty. I can forgive a hurt that has cut me deep, but I can also hold a grudge for something, that to others might seem minor and insignificant.
All of these things and more come together to form this totally unique individual I call myself. Much in the same way that the many multi-colored and shaped pieces of materail came together to form the patchwork quilts my grandmother used to make for all her grandchildren. Except unlike Grandma's quilts, I won't be finished until I die. Everyday I will continue to evolve. To grow, and to learn. A living breathing patchwork woman .
After giving it much thought I've decided I won't change the name of my blog, but from here on no matter how often I change my skin there will always be some kind of patchwork fitted into the scheme. It may only be a tiny part, but it will always be there. As a testimonial to all that I am and hope to be.


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