Monday, April 04, 2005

Manic Monday

Whoa, is it Monday again? Already? I need some serious down time. After a week of Zachary, and at least 3 days of that week it rained. And rained, and rained. Being cooped up in the house with a rambunchous 10 year old can be, well, stressfull to say the least. I had begun to actually READ those spam emails about cheap drugs from Canada. They say you don't even need a perscription. I could stock up on Valium and Xanax. Of course it would bankrupt me but, hey, what a way to go. Talk about your vegetative state. There might be advantages to being lettuce.
We have a trip to the big city on Wednesday for a doctor's appointment. Until then I may just stay in bed and sleep. Or maybe I'll rotate between sleeping and long hot bubble baths. Scented candles, soft music. Between Calgon and Xanax, I'll be humming fly me to the moon as I float on clouds of bubbles. Heck I might actually make it TO the moon.

Speaking of shooting for the moon. I can't help but feel sorry for poor Camille Parker Boles. She's waited all these years to finally land her Prince and just as she's about to realize her dream and marry the guy, the Pope up and dies and lo and behold they plan his funeral on the same day as her wedding! ( Charles' wedding faces protocol problems) This poor woman can't win for loosing. You'd think someone was trying to send her a message. Come to think of it maybe they are. I'm not sure I'd have her fortitude. I think I'd say, "Screw it Charlie, it's the throne or me, but I'm outta here...". Then I'd retire to my country house ( you KNOW she has a country house) and live out my life in blissful ignorace. Who needs Buckingham Palace? Give me green acres, rolling fields and my horses. If Charlie didn't acquiesce, I'd dump him and settle for the stable boy. Or the gardener. Shades of Lady Chatterly .
I'm off now to the land of nod. I'll see ya'll on the flip side.


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