Friday, April 29, 2005

Frankly Friday

Well, did YOU watch the President's press confrence last night? I only caught glimpses of it during commercials. I didn't see anything new or different.

With all the talk of religion, politics and the separation of church and state, I've been thinking. There seems to be a movement afoot to have religion (their calling it creationism) taught in public schools. I keep hearing people talk about going back to teaching the old fashioned way. I don't know how old fashioned their talking about, but I do know that I don't remember ever being taught anything about the Bible in school. I've talked about this with my kids and they tell me they don't remember ever being taught anything about religion or the Bible either. Not in school. They received their religious education the same place I did. In the church. In fact I haven't talked to a single person who attended public school that was ever taught anything about the Bible or religion in school. So what's this old fashioned way of teaching that people are talking about? Most of us are around the same age, so we all attended school around the same time, do YOU remember being taught the Bible or religion in school? Where did you learn about the Bible?
Frankly I've begun to wonder if this isn't another move by parents to have the school system take on even more responsiblity for their children. It's not like public school teachers don't already have a heavy load. Shouldn't parents and the church have some responsibility? Forget about the fact that not everyone wants their child taught from the Bible. Forget that there are many different denominations and that to address all of them would be a full time job. Schools teach facts. Religion is based in faith, not facts.
I'm just saying, parents and churches need to be responsible for childrens religious education. At least in my opinion.


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