Friday, April 08, 2005

Big City Here We Come..


What a day, what a day. Alas our long anticipated journey to the big city was not to be.

Our day began bright and early. Everyone was up, showered, shaved, lotioned and perfumed. New clothes were adorned. Hair blow dryed to perfection. The ladies cheeks were rosey with giddy excitement. The man, maybe a bit less giddy, (after all it was he who would be seeing THE DOCTOR) was none the less spiffy and smiling. Ready or not, here we come!
The perfuntionary stop to fill Jeepy's tummy ( an occurrence which almost sent Momma into shock at how MUCH it cost to fill Jeepy's tummy). Everyone declined drinks and snacks in order to avoid those unpleasant potty breaks. And we were off!
Over hills and dales we drove. There was little conversation as a great oldies station was playing, well grrreat oldies. All was copecetic.
Suddenly Momma noticed that Jeepy wasn't accelerating when she applied pressure to the petro-pedal. What was this? Hadn't this problem been taken care of? Soon not only did Jeepy not accelerate, but she didn't coast either. This of course made operating Jeepy quite difficult. As all vehicle functions are power driven and without engine power the only driving was being done by Momma power. Momma is not a strong lady. She did however manage to get Jeepy and her occupants safely onto the grassy knoll. No small feat I tell you.
We sat for a few minutes, started Jeepy back up and all seemed to be fine. What to do, what to do? Should we take a chance and continue on, hoping for the best. After all these appointments are hard come by and must be made weeks, sometimes months in advance. And there was Olive Garden, and malls awaiting us, could we possibly forgo this adventure? Then again we could end up stranded on the side of the road. The farther we drove the farther from home we'd be. Not being faint-hearted we opted to continue on our way. Fools, I tell you Fools!
Another few dozen or so miles were driven. We were beginning to relax and once again all seemed to be copecetic. Without warning that sinking , slowing down feeling creeped upon us. Jeepy was not moving forward in the proper fashion. Once again, Momma was forced to use her superhuman powers to maneuver Jeepy over to the roadside. It was here, a mere few miles outside Troy (a not so big city but bigger than Podunt) that the realization sunk in. There would be no Olive Garden. No mall. No seeing the fine doctor today (did I perchance see a wee bit of a twinkle in the Mister's eye, surely not). So, with a collective dishearted sigh, Jeepy was turned around and headed home.
Had we foolishly thought by simply changing directions all our problems would disappear. NOT! If Jeepy wasn't going north, she wasn't going south either. At least not expeditiously. A trip that had previously taken a mere 45 minutes turned into a long, difficult 2 hour return. Consisting of multiple stops and starts. By the time we finally reached Podunt's city limits we were three, tired, annoyed, and hungry campers. In fact there were a few times we thought we might actually become roadside campers.
For some inexplicable reason, upon entering Podunt, Jeepy decided she would operate at full capacity. Do I need to tell you how badly I wanted to just get out and smack her? Grrrr
The disgruntled trio stopped off for mundane fast food and headed home. Our misadventure over.
So, here we are a day later. A new appointment has been scheduled. Jeepy will be returning to said repair shop. Where hopefully THIS time the needed repairs will be made. We still yearn for that trip to the big city. Shopping malls, movie theaters, and fine resturants, call to us from afar. Soon I whisper back to them, soon.
I would be remiss if I did not mention that not once during our mishap did anyone one of the unhappy travlers loose their temper. This alone is a miracle. I shall be thankful for that.


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