Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Spring Has Sprung

I bid you adieu my sweet Winter.
Today was one of those days that lead me to believe, my beloved, but shortlived winter is finally over. I know I will miss her. With her cold fingers carressing my body as I snuggle under my down filled covers. I know in all likelihood, there will be no more days of grey cloud filled skies, with a cold breeze blowing through the air. Winter has finally "surrendered to temperamental Spring"*. At least here in Podunt.
I believe *Mamamontezz (forgive me but I don't remember how or where I found her blog, and cannot provide a link for her at this time) said it best, "The sun will soon touch places that have not felt it’s warmth in months, the breezes will tease and toy with hair too long covered by hats and scarves, and the soul will be serenaded by the few brave songbirds which have ventured north well ahead of their flocks. Even the most jaded of observers cannot deny the green sprouts and tender buds emerging from their wintry graves.

It will not be long before the golf courses are emerald again, or the parks a riot of color. Soon, too, the pools will be open and screams and squeals will fill the air as children splash and play under the endless sky. Families will set out feasts in open shelters, and lovers will steal away for moments of sensual bliss on blankets of soft, green grass."

Our young here in Podunt are on Spring Break. Oh the thrill. There are trips to the beach being planned with great anticipation. When I foolishly suggested my son might need a new swimsuit, he guffawed and looked at me as if I'd lost my mind. "I've been to the beach at least 100 times in the past few years," he said "and I've probably actually seen the beach maybe twice." It seems nobody goes to the beach to swim. Perish the thought. They go to cruise the stip. Ahh yes, it seems somewhere in the recesses of my middle-aged mind I recall the strip. A stretch of beach road about 5 miles long, that hosts every fast food joint in the known world,and is liberally littered with hotels, motels,convenience stores, tattoo and piercing parlors. Yes, cruising the stip is a rite of Spring [Break].
For me this hearlds the coming of a long, hot suffering summer. I wonder if one can install a cold tub on one's patio? Perhaps I should consider a trip way down south. Michelle, would you mind a winter visitor? Or two?


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