Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Winn-Dixie files bankruptcy, blames Wal-Mart

Excuse me? Blames Wal-Mart? Are these people nuts? Have they shopped in their own stores lately? Don't get me wrong. I love Winn-Dixie. The stores are always clean. The shelves well stocked. There's a nice variety of products. The produce sections is awesome. Meats and frozen foods are a delite. The problem? The prices. Who can afford to do their weekly shopping at Winn-Dixie? Not me. Not too many of the people I know. I shop there about once a week. I go in for their special, but pick up little else. There's a fifty cents difference in the price of a gallon of milk from my regular grocer's. Everything is higher. Especially their meats. Ground beef is $1.93 a pound at W-D. I pay $1.19 at my regular store. That's a huge savings.
Bottom line, it's not Wal-Mart's fault the Winn-Dixie people are pricing themselves right out of business. I guess even in big business everyone's looking for someone to blame for their failures.
Speaking of Wal-Mart. Kasey, Andrea (Robby's girlfriend) and I made a midnight trip to the wonderful world-of-wally Sunday night. A Super Wal-Mart no less! It was so much fun. There were hardly any customers and we were able to cut up and act like fools. Which we did. I think the stockers and cashiers thought we were either stoned or drunk. I'm surprised there wasn't a cop waiting for us when we got out to the truck. Of course maybe their used to people acting that way in the wee hours of the morning. It's been ages since I did anything so silly and fun. I almost felt like a teenager again. Except I was driving my own car and spending my own money.
Have I mentioned I love Wally-World?


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