Sunday, February 27, 2005

Death in A Small Town

Once again I find myself writing about death. Friday night around 10:30, Kasey got a call from a friend asking her if she knew anything about the wreck out on highway 331 South. She told him we hadn't heard anything other than sirens. Which we hear almost everyday, since we live about 3 blocks from our local hospital. He told her something really bad had happend because he'd heard there were bodies all over the highway. He was right, it was really bad.

"A teacher and two teenagers are dead after a horrific crash in south Alabama over the weekend. 16-year-old Kevin Meeks, 17-year-old Christen Short and 54-year-old Donna Gallion were killed in an accident on Highway 331 in Covington County. " ( WSFA TV Montgomerty)

When you live in a small town, a place where everybody knows everybody, something like this is about as bad as it gets. Mrs Gallion taught all three of my younger children in Middle School. She was a woman who loved music and tried to instill that love in every student she taught. Her 17-year-old son, Joseph, who was in the car with her is a school mate of Robby's girlfriend Andrea. (He was medi-vac'ed to Birmingham in critical condition. He has since been upgraded to serious. He suffered two broken legs and a crushed elbow.) Kasey knows her daughter Sarah.
Young Kevin, the driver of the other car had just gotten both his license's and his car. They say the accident is still under investigation, but it's fairly clear what happened. A young boy, feeling euphoric, fearless and invincible, rushing headlong around a curve in the road, into tradegy. His speed was estimated at 95 mph. A Mother and son returning from a trip to Florala, probably never saw them coming. They say Donna didn't even have time to hit her brakes. A community left in shock and mourning.
It almost frightens me that just a week ago I was worrying about having nothing to wear to a funeral. Was my sub-conscious trying to tell me I needed to be prepared? Somehow I don't think any one of these funerals will be a social event.
My blogging will probably be sporadic over the next few days. There's just so much to deal with right now.


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