Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Bloggies

Another year has come and gone. The 2005 Bloggies are up, the voting is almost over. I can say with little ado, I was not nominated in a single catagory. I probably should feel some sense of remorse, or at least a deflated ego. Yet I do not. I didn't get into this for fame and fortune. I never anticipated a single soul caring about what I wrote. The fact that I have been honored with having the few faithful readers that I have, is in itself a bit of a shock. I'm a simple woman, living a simple, boring life. I do not aspire to reach great hights of writers accolade.
I'd like wish all the nominees the best of luck. I am sorry to say I won't be attending the awards ceremony. I have better things to do. Wash my car in the rain, change my new guitar strings. Mow the yard just the same, as I did yesterday. Or maybe just lie on some beach . After all it's bound to be 5 o'clock somewhere!


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