Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Wednesday Woes

I must be coming down with something. I've been feeling achy and tired all day. Hope this is not the pre- game flu show.
Last night on the late night news they were talking about this new program that a few of the big pharmaceutical companies are sponsering. " Together Rx Access is a free savings program that helps eligible participants save approximately 25%-40% (sometimes more) on over 275 brand-name prescription drugs and other prescription products, as well as savings on a wide range of generic drugs." For people like myself, who have no medical insurance and aren't eligible for any kind of medicare program, this sure looks like a Godsend. I checked out their website and it looks pretty legit. I signed up, so fast it woulda made your head spin. Now, hopefully they will send me some more detailed information. I know I could use a bit of help with perscription medications. For what most medicine costs these days I could easily buy a small country. Who knows maybe for once these big drug companies will do something for the consumer.
I'm off to bed. I may not get up until noon tomorrow today. In fact if I don't feel better, maybe not even then!
Ya'll keep it between the lines!


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