Saturday, January 22, 2005

I Would Do Anything...
We watched this really good movie last night. The Forgotten with Julianne Moore, I think. I was surprised how good it was. Kind of off the beaten path but good all the same.
After the movie we were sitting around talking and this commercial comes on, I think it's for Dr Pepper. There's this dorky looking young guy going around doing these very unguy like things, buying tampons, helping with the laundry, and so forth. While all the time there's this song playing in the background. I'd heard the song before but didn't really remember who sings it (the kids said its somebody called Meatloaf who was suppose to be big in the late 70's early 80's). Anyway this song playing in the background is saying something like "I would do anything for love..." over and over, then he says, "but I won't do that". So I'm thinking what's the freaking point? Why say you'd do anything for love, when clearly you won't, cause you won't do that . Whatever that is. Which in this case is give up his soda pop. I mean seriously, who in their right mind would say "I'll do anything for love"? I know I wouldn't. Maybe when I was younger I might have done a few crazy things, but not nearly so many anymore. Further more if you won't give up something as simple as a can of soda pop, then you ain't willing to give up much are you?
Speaking of getting older. Okay so maybe I wasn't actually speaking of getting older but it's in there. How weird is it when you discover that the best conversation you've had all week was with your 21 year old son and his 18 year old girlfriend? Who knew kids today could be so smart? And when did I go from being the hot/cool Mom to being the smart Mom ? Should I be happy about that? Or disappointed that college aged boys young men no longer hit on me? Have I become my Mother? Gawd forbid!! Say it ain't so!!


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