Monday, December 06, 2004


In her comment on my glee at seeing Ami voted off the island on Survivor , Faith ask "Who do you want to see win". It was then that I realized I hadn't really decided who I wanted to see make it to the end. Up to now I've been focused on hoping the people I disliked would be voted off (woohoo Ami's gone, Sarge is gone...). I decided I needed to know a little more about the remaining players in order to decide whom I'd like to see win. So I hopped right over to the "Survivor Vanuatu" website and started checking out the remaining survivors . It was there that I found the following information on one of the lady's. As I read her bio, I was shocked and impressed. This is one awesome woman. She doesn't need to win, because she is already a winner, in every way that counts. Still I think I'd like to see her be the last (wo)man standing!
Among her many accomplishments, Scout was voted Outstanding Teacher of the Year
at Oklahoma State University in 1980, and Oklahoma's Outstanding Young Woman in
American in 1980. In 2002, Lee was honored to carry the Olympic torch,
exemplifying the theme of "Light the Fire Within."

Scout has survived cancer, bankruptcy, divorce, car wrecks and horse bucks. In the 1990s, Scout was diagnosed with a fatal form of cancer, melanoma. She
managed to beat the odds and is going strong 14 years later

In my opinion Scout is already the winning Survivor. If she and the millions of people like her, who have fought (and are still fighting) cancer aren't true survivors then I don't know what is.

Go read more about Dr. Scout Cloud Lee .



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