Saturday, December 11, 2004

She's baccccccckkk
yet again!

Took Ms Computer into the puter doctor today and he couldn't fix her. We don't know for sure what happened. It froze up on me about midnight last night. I know it had something to do with the Spy Sweeper program, because the trial period on it expired at midnight and after that I couldn't get the computer to do anything. It would just sit there showing the busy icon. At any rate, puter doctor was such a nice guy he gave me a whole new one! And didn't charge me a penny! Is that awesome or what?
I've just got to tell you all about and encounter I had today. While standing in the bank (today was cutomer appreciation day and I was there visiting with a friend). We're all standing around chatting about this and that, when someone brought up the incident with Rumsfield and one of the soldiers at the so called "pep rally", with the troops, that got a bit out of control a couple of days ago. Anyway, everyone is talking about how good it was that the soldier ask the particular question he did, when this old geezer, (well maybe not that old, but he was a grumpy old fella anyway), up and says, "I'm about sick of hearing all this whinning about the troops having it so bad. Hell they ought to have to do it like we did in Nam. We didn't have no special equipment and they paid us crap too." You could have heard a pin drop. No one wanted to say anything to him, but you know me, and my big mouth, I just couldn't resist. I turned around and looked at him and said, "Well, you would think some 30 or so years later we'd have learned how to do this war business right. Of course since since this war is so darned much like Vietnam there's little wonder the government and the military are still screwing it up. Some people never learn." He grumbled something under his breath and walked away.
I shouldn't have been surprised, considering how often I have heard that sentiment from other veterans. More than once I've overheard one of them make a comment about this volunteer army being a bunch of whiney babies who joined for the college money and are now belly aching about having to live up to their end of the deal. I don't know if this is going on in other places, but I can sense a shift of attitude around Podunt. Folks dont' want to talk about the war , or the election. I guess they are trying the old bury your head in sand and sooner or later it will go away, approach. It's as if they have more important things to do. Maybe they do. Funny thing is, most everyone still has those little magnetic yellow ribbons plastered on their cars and trucks.
Oh well, I'm just thankful to have my window(s) to the world back.
So, what's new in your world?


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