Saturday, December 04, 2004

Opps I Did It Again

You know how embarrasing it is when you have to fess up to your mistakes? Well, I'm here to tell you I did it. I got things all crossed up. Yesterday was not Santa's List Day, or Wear Brown Shoes Day. Yesterday was National Roof Over Your Head Day and National Fritters Day . Today is actually Santa's List Day and Wear Brown Shoes Day . So, if you didn't get to wear those brown shoes yesterday, you now have another chance to do so today. I promise I will try to keep things straight from here on out.

File this under say it ain't so!!!

"Will Chris Noth’s guest shot on Law & Order: Criminal Intent become a permanent engagement? Noth is set for a January episode reprising the Det. Mike Logan character he played from 1990-95 on the original Law &Order. Since leaving the show, he’s gained star power as Sex and the City’s swoon-inducing Mr. Big. The New York Post’s Page Six column has chronicled Vincent D’Onofrio’s instability, reporting that he passed out on the set, was starting fistfights and was an overall nightmare to work with."
For anyone who doesn't already know Vincent baby is one of my all time favs. He's one sexy dude. I watch L&O Criminal Intent, for HIM not the content. On the other hand I am quite fond of the lusty, sexy Mr. Noth as well. So, why can't they dump the chick, (what is her name anyway) and just have the two hot dudes?

mmmm good!

ps: Did I forget to mention Ami got voted off the island? Can you tell how pleased I am?


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