Monday, December 13, 2004

It's A Game, Stupid

And the winner is Chris ! Talk about your dark horse. I wasn't expecting this one. I was sure it would be Eliza. Mostly because she was the one person I didn't want to win. Of course my first choice was Scout, followed by Twila. But, Chris will do. He played the game well.
Speaking of playing the game . Clearly the women in this game forgot that they were on a game show and not embroiled in some high school popularity contest. How stupid is it to say "You lied to me"? Well duh! How the devil else can you scheme and backstab your way into the final two if you don't lie occasionally? Not like they didn't tell a lie or two (or more) themselves. It's always the women who do this. The men seem to get it. Maybe it's the whole it's nothing personal, it's business mindset that men seem to handle better than women. Get a clue girls, life is not fair, and people tell lies to get to the top. How pathetic is it to stand up there and cry big crocodile tears because someone fed you a line of bs while stroking your hair? Give me a freaking break already.
The only woman who showed any class or maturity was Scout. She complimented both Chris and Twila on their ability to out play and out smart the others. I of course expected nothing less of her. A lady to the end.
I am glad that Twila will at least get $100K. She deserves it. Twila, was, well, Twila -- loud, outspoken, and unwilling to tell people what they wanted to hear. I say congratulations to both Twila and winner Chris!


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