Saturday, December 18, 2004

Christmas City

Here in Dixie we have a place called Christmas City. It's an area set aside by the city of Arrington, for an amazing display of Christmas lights.

You can drive through acres (miles?) of beautiful and stunning multi-colored christmas lights.

They are so beautiful it will almost take your breath away.

Some are religious oriented, others are all about Santa.

Ever since we moved back here in '92', it's been an annual tradition for us to make the trek over the river, through the woods, to Arrington and Christmas City. We'd pile as many in the car as safely possible. Sometimes it was necessary to take a second, even a third car. We'd sing Christmas songs, giggle and whisper about what we wanted for Christmas along the way. Even in the tough times, we made that trip.
You'd have to sit in a line that seemed to be a mile long waiting to get in. More than once there's been a potty break on the side of the road (thank God for the woods). But then we'd drive through those gates and the oooo's and ahhh's would begin. Every year it seemed to get bigger and better. At the end of the drive you'd park and walk down into Santa's Villiage. All decorated up like the North Pole. There was free coffee, hot cocoa and cookies for everyone. The only thing more wonderful than the lights was the looks of joy on the faces all around you. Because you see, everyone, no matter how broke or poor you were could enjoy this. It was free. I'm not sure who footed the bill, but their generosity was simply amazing.
I'd been anxiously awaiting this years trip, when I found out last night...there will be no Christmas City this year. I don't know why, maybe the city couldn't afford it anymore. It makes me sad. Not just for myself and my family, because after all we will always have our memories, but for all the families that will never be able to share this wonderful sight. Even so, I am ever so grateful for having been able to witness and share, this beautiful display of not only the christmas lights but of the generosity of the people who provided it. They have given so much to so many.

I don't know why it is, maybe because we don't have snow, but here in the South we really do get into the spirit of the christmas lights display.

Some way more than others!
No, before you ask, that's not my house.


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