Saturday, December 25, 2004

Baby It's Cold Outside

People, it is cold in Podunt!
The rain is falling like icy needles in the cold windy night. The trees, large and small
are shivering with frozen icicles. The ground is like a sheet of ice. There is a bone chilling
wind blowing outside my window. Santa has come and gone. Returning to the North Pole where surely
warmer climate prevails. At least dryer.
The furnace in our house hasn't shut off in hours. I'm bundled up in my jammies and warm winter robe.
My coffee is sittin here beside me keeping my insides warmed.
What can I say about Christmas with the upcountry relatives? Well, what I could say is best
left unsaid. There was lots of good food, and lots of pie. Which almost made it worthwhile.
There are some very happy and surprised children in our neighborhood. I think even their parents
may believe in Santa this year. Little do they know it was Santa's elves that did all the work!
It's for certain they know someone ( lots of someone's) cares.

I thought this background was a perfect fit for the day. Don't you?
Well, I'm off to do a bit of visiting. See you at your place!


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