Monday, November 29, 2004

Young Love

My baby boy is in love. It's his first love. She's so sweet and cute and just a tiny little thing. He brought her over to Josh's for Thanksgiving. It was so sweet watching them cuddle and kiss. A little sad too. He's my baby. Part of me wanted to cry "You can't love her more than ME!". How silly is that? But, he's MY BABY ! I can't be expected to be sensible. I was hoping this would be years away. Ahh but the best laid plans of Mothers. The heart wants what it wants. When it wants it.
Being the typical nosey Mother that I am, I had to have the talk with him. Again. He was so calm and open it scared me. "Mom" he said "You don't have to worry. We aren't going to be doing anything intimate for a long time. Andrea has plans to go to college and I have my career plans too. We've decided to wait for a long time before we take that step." How cool is that? Is my baby boy smart or what? Of course Andrea is very smart too. She's a senior in high school. In the band, on the drill team, and teaches dance after school. She has beautiful long dark hair and looks so tiny beside my big six foot son. I hope this works out for them. I don't even want to think about him getting his heart broken. He just laughs at me. "Mom" he says, "I think your more excited than I am." Silly child, he has no idea!


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