Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Tuesday Two-fers

Well, well, how about this! Two posts in one week. Will wonders never cease? Since I am working at the voting center, I have access to the computers here, so I thought I'd make a short entry.
I have been very pleased by the large turn out. I hope this bodes well for my guy.
I've had some interesting conversations with some of the voters. One lady was sitting at my table talking to me, when she says "I still can't make up my mind who I should vote for." I ask her why and she says " Well, I don't really want to vote for Bush, but everything I hear about Kerry is so negative." We sat and talked for about 35 minutes while she waited for her turn. When she got up to go into the booth she said, "Thank you so much, you have helped me more in these few minutes, than anything I have seen or heard in the news." Then she leaned over and whispered, "I'll be voting for Kerry and now I know it's the right choice!" Needless to say I was quite pleased.
I think her comment about the negativity is so true. So much of this election has been about the negative aspects, of both candidates. I know that both men have some positive qualities and both are capable of being President. Even though I am a strong Kerry supporter, I don't think George Bush is evil, or incompetent. My one hope is that if he (Bush) is elected that he will make some changes in his Cabinent. Such as replacing Rumsfield,and Ashcroft. I would love to see McCain take over Rumsfield's job. Only time will tell.
At any rate I hope that after tonight this election is over and that we as Americans can come together and support whomever is elected.
I for one am ready to get on with the business of getting rid of Ami (Survivor) and that witch Illana (The Apprentice). You know the really important stuff in life!


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